This credits screen is english only...
  • Huub Mons (project leader, programmer):
    • HuMo-gen
    • Gedcom import and export, database.
    • HuMo-gen layout, family screen.
    • Genealogy editor.
    • CMS editor.
    • Index places, photobook.
    • Theme "Clear White".
    • Dutch and English languages.
    • Etc., etc.
  • Yossi Beck (overall support, programmer):
    • Outline report, fanchart, graphical descendant chart and ancestor sheet.
    • Timeline report, hourglass chart and relationship calculator.
    • Google maps.
    • PDF export.
    • Silverline and Antique theme.
    • Support for RTL languages.
    • Hebrew language.
    • Etc., etc.
  • Klaas de Winkel:
    • Textual ancestor report
    • Textual descendant report
  • Jan Maat:
    • Secure admin files.
  • Jeroen Beemster:
    • Aldfaer photo's and text.
    • Order children and marriages for Aldfaer gedcom.
  • Louis Ywema:
    • Birthday list
    • Birthday RSS list
  • René Janssen:
    • Graphical ancestor chart: better lay-out (colours) and pictures
    • Statistics for visitors.
  • Erwin Maas:
    • Help screen for visitors.
    • Stylesheet select and multiple stylesheets.
    • Latest changes screen.
  • Huych Constant:
    • Elegant Corsiva theme.
  • Tonko Boekhoud:
    • Changes to use HuMo-gen into CMS Made Simple.


HuMo-gen uses Transifex for translations.
  • Chinese by: Dongshan.
  • Danish by: Erik Jensen.
  • Dutch by: Huub, Yossi.
  • English by: Huub, Yossi.
  • English (CA) by: nerdykit.
  • English (US) by: Yossi, Brian.
  • Finnish by: Rauno Salomäki.
  • French by: Raymond Larche, Carlos, Alphonse Philippe, Bob Cornet.
  • German by: Johannes Prost, Marco Steinhaeuser.
  • Hungarian by: Nagy-Vajda Domokos.
  • Italian by: Ambrogio Chiotti.
  • Persian by: Dr. Maleki
  • Polish by: Jaroslaw Bochenek
  • Portugese: António Duarte
  • Russian: Demian Nikonorov
  • Slowak: dusbaj
  • Spanish: Andres Maurer


Max, Jef, Rob, Dirk...

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